Helping you to make better,
risk informed decisions

optimise is here to help. Our team of experienced specialists are able to support you in developing effective People, Processes, Practices, Systems and Toolset aimed at increasing confidence in whatever decision you need to make to secure the ongoing success of your business.

We achieve this via an extensive risk management offering which includes:

  • Independent advice through our specialist services
  • Service delivery that involves embedding our experts to help guide and support whilst also helping with implementation
  • Our comprehensive training and development offering, whether that be classroom-based education or on-the-job mentorship
  • Our in-house development of bespoke tools, or support in selection and implementation of off-the-shelf proprietary applications
What we do 


Delivering tailored training and mentoring to help develop the necessary skills for your in-house team so that you can maximise the value from implementing effective risk management.


Providing experienced risk management professionals that will work with you to establish how your organisation can better implement risk management to add the greatest possible value.

Risk Management Services

Offering extensive knowledge, experience and skills capable of satisfying any risk management requirement. This could include facilitation, bid or business case support, maturity assessments, risk modelling (cost and/ or schedule QRA), risk process design, establishing a framework and/ or ongoing management.


Supporting the selection of proprietary risk management systems available on the market, or working with you to establish a more bespoke solution to meet your risk management needs.

"The optimise team have supported the Sellafield Limited risk capability for over 7 years, and our business has received huge benefit from their help and support. They are widely recognised across the organisation as subject matter experts in the field, and are often involved in the most significant decisions that the organisation faces in our mission to expedite high hazard risk reduction across the site. I look forward to our continued relationship with them and the bright future it promises.”
Jenanne Price
Head of Risk Management
Sellafield Ltd
"optimise provided a versatile risk management service with a diversity of experience from a multitude of different sectors. They have worked closely with all levels of the Rolls Royce submarines organisation and effectively collaborated with the Ministry of Defence to implement a robust risk management approach that supports effective decision making across our complex programme."
Programme Executive
Rolls Royce
"optimise has always delivered an excellent level of service in terms of Risk Management. They are experts in their field, have true flair and enthusiasm and can work with individuals at all levels to get the optimum benefit”.
Principal Risk & Value Manager
Network Rail
"optimise helped us to develop the level of sophistication in risk analysis required to implement our multi-billion euro project portfolios successfully”
Head of Risk
Railway Procurement Agency
“optimise delivers everything they say they are going to deliver with minimum fuss and total professionalism. The combination of their overall approach to work and their dependability enables them to fit into any team structure easily and makes them a joy to work with. I’d recommend them to any leader requiring these services without hesitation”
Programme Executive
Kings Cross Remodelling
"optimise supported us on the Pile Fuel Cladding Silo programme, which is one of the high hazard schemes of work being undertaken at Sellafield. The programme was going through a period of great focus driving to accelerate its mission. optimise helped us to transform the risk management approach and integrated risk into being a truly valuable part of managing the business."
PFCS Programme Manager
Sellafield Limited
Sectors We Have Worked With 

optimise partners have implemented risk management across multiple sectors globally including:

Nuclear - New Build and Decommissioning

Highways, light & heavy rail and airports


Utilities and telecoms

Mining and Oil & Gas


Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Local and Central Government

Sectors We Have Worked With 

optimise partners have implemented risk management across multiple sectors globally including:

Highways, light & heavy rail and airports

Mining and Oil & Gas


Utilities and telecoms

Local and Central Government


Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Nuclear - New Build and Decommissioning

optimise partners are proud to have supported 
Who We are

We help you to deliver better outcomes, understand & manage the sources of any uncertainty you face and add value to your business so that you can focus on what you do best.

We’re experts in supporting organisations to better understand their investment decisions. Whether that’s delivering projects, programmes and portfolios, managing organisational change or implementing new business systems, we help you to understand your range of outcomes so that you can make decisions with your eyes open to the uncertainty you may face. We enable you to make sound investment decisions and make appropriate financial and time provisions that empowers you to deliver on your commitments.

We understand that it’s difficult to predict the future, that’s why we stay by your side through delivery and provide regular assurance around the achievement of your objectives. We support you to manage the uncertainty you face by advising on opportunities for exploitation and strategic management actions to minimise threats.

To outline just a few of our specialisms:

  • ERM Implementation
  • Development and deployment of risk management governance structures
  • Support to Independent Assurance reviews and activities
  • Major organisational risk culture change
  • Training, coaching, and mentoring of the next generation of risk professionals
  • Risk IT & digital solutions
  • Project, Programme and Portfolio risk management Services
  • Bid support
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With our experience of major capital projects all over the world we’re experts at managing the many moving parts involved in complex programmes. 

    You Matter

    We listen to your ideas; we listen to your improvements; we listen to your suggestions and then we implement them. We don’t ignore you, downplay you, disregard you or undervalue you. Some examples of successful team lead initiatives is our internationally successful riskologists podcast, and our highly acclaimed riskollective network… and we have more ideas in the pipeline that came right from our team.

    If you have dreams, we make them happen.

    Our annual strategy trips are also now famous across the profession. We encourage all members of the team to feed into company plans and help shape our collective success.

    Industry Package

    At optimise, we’re committed to attracting top talent and that’s why we’re proud of the packages we offer our team.

    They offer the best balance of financial reward, perks and incentives, bonuses and continuous training and development. We also conduct a yearly review of national inflation rates and the cost of living, and we apply a COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) to all our employees salaries where applicable.

    Please see the matrix below for a comprehensive overview of our package structure:

    Profit Shares & Bonuses

    At optimise, we believe in recognising and rewarding your hard work. Join us and enjoy not only industry salaries, but opportunities for profit sharing and performance-based bonuses. Our financial success is linked to your personal financial success, so we all benefit as the company grows and expands.

    Your bonus is linked to the achievement of tailored objectives that satisfy a business need but also will be something that exploits your interests!

    If you’ve ever considered being a business owner now’s your chance, because we have no glass ceiling. If you work hard, one day you could be an owner and director at optimise.


    Join our vibrant team where collaboration isn’t just encouraged – it’s celebrated!

    From bi-weekly team drinks (on company time), quarterly team events and team lunches to celebrate significant company successes, we foster a tight-knit community that values camaraderie as much as innovation.

    Your career here isn’t just about the work; it’s about the connections you’ll make and the supportive environment that propels your forward.

    We are a team; we are friends; and we care for one other.

    Work where you’re needed

    Experience the freedom to work from anywhere with our remote-friendly policies. We empower our team with flexible work arrangements, enabling you to achieve your best wherever you are!

    Work remote, hybrid or office based as you and our clients’ needs require, for maximum flexibility in life and mutual benefit.


    A healthy work-life balance is a non-negotiable for us at optimise. Our commitment to our employees comes above all else, to ensure we foster a work environment focused on employee wellbeing that contributes to a positive & dynamic company culture.

    Although we always work to accommodate our client’s needs, your personal situation will always be considered, and you will not be forced into a commission which does not suit you.

    Alternatively, if you wish to spread your wings and travel, our international client base enables us to assist with this!

    World Class Clients

    We provide opportunities to work on some of the most complex, interesting and impressive projects and programmes on the planet.

    You have the chance to build a well-respected reputation for yourself within the national and international discipline of risk management.

    Our bread and butter is in the infrastructure sector, with a combined decades of experience in rail, aviation, nuclear, highways, construction, utilities, government oil and gas and defence to name but a few.

    A Nurturing Culture

    At optimise, we support with more than just your career development, we work with you to attain personal goals and become happy and contented with life, not just work.

    We are proud of the mentorship incentive we offer for all our team. Get to know us all and see who you share similar values with, who inspires you and possesses skills you wish to acquire.

    We are always at arm’s length. One of the team will always be available to provide coaching support in client deployments to ensure that learning and experience are linked, and an environment is provided for opportunity to practice what’s been learned in a ‘safe space’.

    Most importantly, we work hard to ensure our team always maintain an optimal work/life balance and protect reserved time allocated each week in your calendar for professional development.

    First Class Training

    Our vision statements are ‘develop the next generation of risk professionals’ and ‘Improve the profession for the better’, for a reason!

    Optimise is passionate about investing in our people to ensure you are fully prepared to be the best possible risk professional you can be. Our aim is to equip you not just with the necessary skills to do your job, but to understand the nuances of the roles and procedures you will interface with throughout your career.

    Every day is a school day – whether you are just starting out, developing or well established in your career, we will continue to invest in your professional development.

    Progress at your Pace

    We understand that a clear career path is extremely important to provide direction, set and achieve your goals, make informed decisions and stay motivated to truly foster a sense of purpose in your professional journey.

    We nurture a culture of progression based on competence attainment, not time served. We believe this unconstrained development allows you to flourish and progress at your pace and we set clear requirements for you to achieve your promotion as soon as you are ready.

    We offer exceptional opportunities to become the best in the industry faster than our competitors, and we’re passionate about providing support in accelerating you through different industries and experiences at the pace you need to meet your competence.