Development of a Risk Management Application – Client Undisclosed

Optimise were engaged to provide Risk Management services for a leading UK Design and Engineering firm. As part of this commission, Optimise delivered a series of initiatives to support risk culture improvement.

The Client had a strong culture of embracing and developing digital advancements in the sector which was a key factor in enabling the successful development of a Risk Management App. The aim of the App was to support Risk Managers and project teams in being able to provide timely, accurate risk management data without the need for time-consuming, monthly group risk reviews.

From a project team perspective, there is a need for risk management to be second-nature, to be embedded in all project activities but this needs to be balanced with ensuring that data is available to those who need it – i.e. not only stored in the mind of a Project Manager – and in a way that is not laborious for those people to record.

From an organisational perspective, it means that up-to-date risk information is available immediately rather than needing to wait for a monthly reporting cycle; Optimise see this as critically important: accurate risk data needs to be available to support business decision-making (which does not often happen on a regular, monthly cycle in line with a set reporting calendar!).

The development and trial of the app was a resounding success, with the Client nominated for – and winning – Best Use of Technology in Risk Management at the CIR Risk Management Awards 2019. The Risk App has continued to be developed and rolled-out which is fantastic to see!

Optimise are passionate about seeing innovation in the profession and we are excited to see this, and the adoption of digital techniques more generally, become the new norm.