Kings Cross Remodelling – Rail – Arcadis

Network Rail have started a multi-million pound programme into upgrading the East Coast Main Line as part of their rail upgrade plan. As part of this programme, the infrastructure outside King’s Cross needed replacement including tracks, signalling and overhead line equipment. Once the King’s Cross Upgrade is completed, the station will benefit from more long-distance passenger services and a simpler, more reliable track layout for quicker and smoother journeys.

Client: Arcadis

Contract Duration: 1 Year

Contract Value: £130,000

Project Duration: 2 Years

Project Value: >£200M

Optimise were asked to support Arcadis with their Risk & Value management service. The scope was to ensure that risks were identified and managed in the most effective way possible, whilst acknowledging the many other demands on the available resources, a combination of one to ones at a discipline level were undertaken whilst also engaging the overall project to ensure that risks were captured that may otherwise have fallen between the gaps.

A number of bespoke client templates were developed to improve the presentation and understanding of key risks throughout the project and to communicate the ongoing progress being made. Through engaging all key project personnel in a pro-active risk management process, better control was achieved, and the resultant modelling of cost and schedule implications provided improved information to drive more effective decisions.