Rolls Royce Submarines – Defence – Rolls Royce

Rolls-Royce has been involved with the UK naval programme since the 1950s and is the design pioneer of one of the most technological advances in naval propulsion; the use of nuclear propulsion for the Royal Navy’s submarine flotilla. Rolls Royce manufactures the nuclear propulsion systems for Britain’s existing and future submarine fleet. The next generation of reactor cores for the fleet has resulted in the need to regenerate the current Rolls-Royce submarine reactor core manufacturing facility at Raynesway.  

Client: Rolls Royce

Contract Duration: 12 Months

Contract Value: £300,000

Project Duration: 10 Years

Project Value: >£4Bn

The initial service was to provide a Risk Lead for a team providing Risk Management Support for a range of projects from manufacturing of existing and future propulsion systems to the regeneration of the site to facilitate the advances needed to meet future needs. This service has involved updating and improving the risk management approach; providing more effective processes and templates along with mentoring and upskilling of existing Rolls Royce staff. Periodically, we provide the expertise to undertake cost and schedule risk analysis and present this to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) as well as working closely with them to improve the approach to risk management both for Rolls Royce and MOD.

Our involvement with Rolls Royce in Derby has provided key information to help drive decisions about the progress of the submarine propulsion programme including identification of opportunities to bring this back on track; working closely with the Ministry of Defence but also supporting the wider Rolls Royce business in deploying a fit for purpose risk management support service which offers consistency across all aspects of the organisation.