RP3 - Senior Risk Practitioner


Location: Warrington, UK

Key Sectors: Infrastructure, Nuclear & Aviation

Salary: £38,500 pa

We have a fantastic opportunity to join the team at optimise as a Senior Risk Practitioner in our Warrington office.  optimise is an innovative and growing firm of Risk Management specialists with a proven track record of defining and implementing best practice risk management with significant national and international clients. We’re a small company that supports big projects.  We attract talent with a modern approach to the problems of Risk Management and are motivated to act swiftly and strategically for the benefit of our clients and the discipline at large.

As a member of the team, you will be supported with full training and development through the optimise Academy, professional certifications, and qualifications as well as comprehensive coaching and mentoring supported by some of the most experienced and highly regarded risk professionals in the industry. The optimise Partners will be on hand to support you as you gain hands-on experience with some of our major clients. This will help you to build confidence as your career develops; having the opportunity to ask questions which re-enforce and enhance your prior knowledge whilst putting it into practice. We have a clear career pathway which is designed to support you develop into a next generation risk professional.

You will join a firm with a focus on innovation, education of its workforce and pride in the value it creates to help mitigate some of the world’s most significant challenges. We have helped a major client develop their first Risk App which won an award at the CIR Risk Management Awards and a member of our team launched the riskologists podcast; the first of its kind in the industry which has just completed its second season, presented by another member of the team. Another of our team has established a networking forum for risk professionals that are new to the industry that has collaborated with existing organisations to share best practice and support new risk professionals to develop in their careers. We have lots of other examples like this where we’ve been able to deliver value to our clients and the industry through our innovative thinking and we’d love it if you were excited to help us grow through contributing further innovative ideas.

We’re devoted to providing a great work-life balance and compensation package. We regularly arrange team outings and other social events as we believe this is important to our success. We’re passionate about personal and professional development and we actively invest in the members of our team. One of the benefits of working for a smaller firm is that you have direct access to learn from all of the Partners and you will likely advance in your career much quicker than on a standard ‘career ladder’. We’re a tight-knit, friendly team and we value the relationship we build with our team and clients. We don’t stretch ourselves thinly across a vast number of clients but instead dedicate ourselves to add exceptional value to our select customers.

Some of the perks, which we continue to build upon, include:

·         flexible use of annual leave for Religious festivals, holy days and observances, and other days that have meaning to your culture, religion or lifestyle.

·         Regular team building events.

·         Paid day off for your birthday.

·         Flexible working following probationary period (dependent upon client requirements).

·         Discretionary bonus based on achievable objectives and overall company performance.

·         Clear and achievable career pathway.

·         Supported transition from training programme into client-facing role – we don’t just throw you in at the deep end! 


As a Senior Risk Practitioner, you’ll be advancing in your understanding and application of Risk Management through a client-facing delivery role with reducing supervision. You may have small projects / scope of work which you lead. At this point, you’ll also be expected to behave as a role model to Trainees and Risk Coordinators; this could involve activities such as facilitating seminars for the Academy as well as participation at external events. Compared to other, external risk professionals at the same career level, you will recognise that you skill levels are superior. Your interpersonal skills will be to a high standard, as will the ability to manage and prioritise your own time and workload. 

Position Details
As a minimum we require you to have passed GCSE Maths and English. If you joined optimise as a Trainee, you’ll have also passed our Academy.
By this point in your career, you are competent in applying the Risk Management process and principles in a client setting with reduced levels of supervision or complete autonomy. You will also be becoming aware of the extent of knowledge you don’t have; you are comfortable in expressing that you don’t have all of the answers and confident in knowing where/how to find them. At this point, you are also able to facilitate and execute risk modelling requirements through running Quantitative Cost Risk Analysis (QCRA) in software such as @Risk, and run basic schedule only Quantitative Schedule Risk Analysis (QSRA) in software such as Primavera Risk Analysis (PRA) or Safran Risk. You must be able to demonstrate an awareness and understanding of foundation Project Management and Project Controls principles, and understand the role of corporate governance in a client setting.
To demonstrate competence for this role, you’ll need to have evidence of applying Risk Management principles and processes in a client setting. In order to be accepted by our clients, you must have a minimum of one years project risk management experience.
OTHER qualifications, certifications, professional memberships, etc.
Desirable: APM Risk Level 2, IRM Cert or Diploma
Behavioral Competencies
Being tactful, tolerant, patient and courteous with others. Responding and listening to others, paying careful attention. Offering support to others.
Taking initiative and action when appropriate to persuade and influence others. Learning from others in how they present arguments/cases.
Detail and execution driven; having follow-through and resilience for completion. Clarity, focus and discipline to set and meet workloads and priorities. Taking responsibility for delivering own work and staying focused. Delivering to set deadlines and to the required standard.
Implementing change within a clear outline and project scope. Thorough understanding of the impacts of the change will have on the business and the ability to communicate the change and the vision for the change to the wider business.
Taking responsibility for actions. Speaking up when there are concerns, however small. Striving to delivery excellence in an honest way.
Embracing the unknown Responding positively to change and adapting to new situations quickly Taking on a diverse range of tasks equally and effectively
Technical Competencies
Basic understanding of Portfolios / Programmes / Projects Project lifecycles; governance; change control; risk escalation; programme management; portfolio management; benefits realisation & management Basic understanding of design & engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning & handover principles; functional specifications Understanding basic planning principles; understanding cost estimating, cost loading
Able to arrange, run, analyse, assess and administer the risk identification process (aligned to ISO 31000).
Able to administer the day to day risk service for a significant project (>£5M budget and/or 3 years duration).
Ability to use Xactium, Active Risk Manager (ARM), Safran Risk Manager or other GRC/ERM software product.
Are able to facilitate and execute risk modelling requirements through running Quantitative Cost Risk Analysis (QCRA) in software such as @Risk, and run basic schedule only Quantitative Schedule Risk Analysis (QSRA) in software such as Primavera Risk Analysis (PRA) or Safran Risk.
Ability to define risk capacity, appetite and tolerance for an organisation and then enact it.
RISK CULTURE (including cognitive biases & heuristics)
Ability to recognise & acknowledge environment risk attitudes / behaviour / culture. Understanding biases & heuristics at play in the project environment in a client setting; ability to challenge/ overcome key / common traps
Demonstrable use of risk reporting – compiling reports, manipulating risk data
Ability to act upon awareness; recognising how governance fits into the client setting
Deeper awareness of the Risk Framework operating within (in a client setting)
Ability to provide basic Risk Management training to project team members on a 1-1 basis (this is what RM is, this is the process on this project)
COMMERCIAL RISK MANAGEMENT (forms of contract, allocating risk, contract admin)
Ability to understand application of commercial risk terms; understand role in Contract Administration e.g. able to link project risk to EWNs etc.; giving & receiving information
Understand Basis of Estimate, Basis of Schedule; ability to understand baseline development, scope document / development, assumptions & exclusions Demonstrate understanding & application of contingency management & draw down. Understand effect of change on the risk profile