optimise recognises that its people are its success. That’s why we work hard to select the best Risk Managers with the right mixture of knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, dedication and resilience. In order to provide a successful risk management service, the profession needs a lot more of these people.
That is why optimise has developed ‘The Academy’.

‘The Academy’ uses knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic Risk Managers to deliver training to the next generation of Risk Managers. The training programme can be tailored from a introductory session, right the way through to longer term partnership arrangements with end clients, and attainment of internationally recognised qualifications in risk management and profession leading toolsets and software. Most importantly, ‘The Academy’ offers advice and support to all students in applying what they have learned in a practical environment and a mentorship program to enable effective and value added delivery of the key benefits of risk management to the organisations.

All courses are aligned to the principles of ISO:31000 and COSO ERM, but are designed to develop not only the fundamentals, but also the important experiences of practical application.

We use ‘The Academy’ to train our own personnel as well as client personnel so that clients can fill the gaps in capability internally.

We do this by:

Self-Funded Academy Training Courses 

optimise delivers a number of training courses to allow anyone wishing to build a career in risk management the best possible start.

Access to the optimise Training System (OTS) 

The training system will allow international students the opportunity to engage with professionals around the world to discuss the theory and practical application of what they have learned during their time on the training courses.

The system is orientated around the academy modules, and allows students to ask questions about the theory, practical application and discuss learning and concerns they are facing with mentors, other experienced professionals and their peers. They have access to learning resources, framework examples and blank, useable toolkits to enable efficient development and delivery of risk management services in their own organisations.

Bespoke on the job training 

We can deliver academy syllabus within a client’s organisation, to allow a good mix of practical theory-based learning combined with on the job experience and real-world application.

By developing a bespoke delivery process with our clients, we are able to limit organisational disruption with staff still being based on site and using classroom-based learning we can control the teaching environment to be organisation centric, offering examples and scenario’s based on real organisational situations.

Bursary places 

optimise also offer a number of bursary places each year to students seen as being at the top of the profession in the future. If you believe yourself to have the right mindset and drive to become a leading risk professional, why not get in touch with optimise and enquire about our bursary programme and coming to work with the worlds most innovative risk management organization.

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