What We Do 

The optimise partners each independently recognised the scarcity of exceptional risk management professionals in the industry. Having crossed paths many times during their careers, they began to recognise in one another the key attributes that make up a high quality risk professional. It was this that finally brought them together to build a much needed capability in the industry, that provides the right resource to support organisations in managing uncertainty and making better risk, informed decisions.


Our consultancy service provides one or several experienced risk management professionals that will work with you, discuss your needs and make recommendations on how your organisation can better apply risk management to add the greatest possible value. We are used to working with organisations ranging from those with limited formal risk management in place through to those at all levels of risk management maturity. If your organisation has no formal risk management in place, working with your existing systems and resources, we will help to design a new process that adds further value whilst improving cultural aspects of the organisation through focussed mentoring and training. If your organisation already has some risk management capability but recognise that it could be improved, by working with our risk professionals that have implemented best practice risk management across multiple sectors throughout the world, we are able to work with you to develop and deploy improvements that will realise greater value than you are currently achieving.


optimise and associates offer extensive knowledge, experience and skills capable of satisfying any risk management requirement.  Whether it be short-term specialist services or longer term resource augmentation, optimise is able to offer a solution.

Use the “Read more” button below to read about just some of the most popular and more frequently requested types of services that optimise offers. However, we are more than happy to undertake an initial consultation to discuss specific needs and develop a more tailored package.


optimise recognises that its people are its success. That’s why we work hard to select the best Risk Managers with the right mix of knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, dedication and resilience. However, in order to provide a successful and sustainable risk management service into the future, many more of these professionals are needed. That’s why optimise has developed The Academy.


Having worked directly for one of the world’s leading ERM system providers, having implemented and actively used a variety of the most reputable risk management and risk modelling applications for decades and more recently having developed a new risk app from scratch, optimise partners bring a wealth of understanding of how applications can aid clients in optimising the benefits from their risk management process.